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Prototype unfinished Strap Strut for Laser / ILCA dinghy

Laser / ILCA Strap Strut for towing COMING SOON!

SKU: ILCAStrapStrut


Please note that the photos are of our unfinished, incomplete prototype!

This one is for ILCA / Laser dinghies but please note we are already working on Solo, RS300 and RS Aero versions. Need one for a different class...? Please contact us!


Make towing your Laser / ILCA safer with our new 'Strap Strut'.

Designed specifically for Laser / ILCA dinghies!


After towing Lasers / ILCAs and various dinghies and keelboats around the country for many years, we are used to the issues (and dangers!) and have tried various ways of solving them... so, we have designed our Strap Strut to cure the problems!


It offers several benefits when towing:


1. It is a little wider than the boat, so when you tighten down your ratchet strap, it's not trying to 'fold up' your Laser / ILCA and put stress on the all important hull / deck join.

2. Because it's wider than the boat, it will not try and slip to a narrower point of the hull which causes the strap to become loose or even undone, which is obviously dangerous for you, other road users and of course the boat.

3. It is holding the boat downwards and with the shaped foam it spreads the load far more evenly across the deck, eliminating stress points and softening your deck unnecessarily.

4. It's main component is carbon fibre (of course!) so it's very lightweight and very strong!

5. It's very quick and easy to use.

6. It will come with pins (not shown in the prototype photos) so that the strap will not jump out of the ends of the strut.

7. We will probably supply a strong ratchet strap with it (not as narrow as the strap in the photos of the prototype!)


8. We are now working on 'cut outs' so that you can sit your ILCA / Laser spars on top so they would also be held in place by the ratchet strap.


We are already getting inquiries for other dinghies so if you need one for a different class, please contact us and let us know!


The price shown is indicative at this stage.


Make towing your dinghy a lot safer for your boat, you, and other road users and remove many of the risks with our new Strap Strut!



Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. ILCA® is a registered trademark owned by Laser Class Association Inc.

We are completely independent of Laser Performance (Europe) Limited, Velum Limited and Laser Class Association Inc.

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