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About Us...and Old Fashioned Customer Service

Our MD has long had a passion for dinghy sailing (since 1973 in fact...he's old!!) and has been sailing and racing dinghies most years since then, including a few years campaigning a Projection 762 sportsboat and even a couple of Fastnets in a Sigma 36.

As he and his wife will admit, they are colourful characters.... so, when searching for tiller extensions and spinnaker poles for their dinghies in strong, lightweight, carbon fibre, pretty much all they could find was black....or black!

So, with over 30 years involvement in the retail industry, and never being one to let a challenge go, the search was on, which, in mid 2022, turned into a case of 'if in doubt, do it yourself'.

As a result, CF by L and L was created, providing made to order tiller extensions and spinnakers poles to the dinghy racers out there...or those who wish to potter or cruise in their dinghy with some added colour.

Obviously as they are made to order there is a lead time (but we do try and make enough tiller extensions to keep some in stock), but as they say, good things come to those who wait!

We are also looking to expand and improve our range so if you do not see exactly what you require, please get in touch as we may already have something in the pipeline or be able to supply it.

As you should expect, although often lacking in this day and age, with over 30 years involvement in the retail industry, we firmly believe in good old fashioned Customer Service.

We hope you like our products, and above all, we wish you Happy Sailing!

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