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Carbon Fibre Tiller Extensions

Here you will find a tiller extension to suit most dinghies, small keelboats and many catamarans, ranging from Mirror Dinghy to 49er, Musto Skiff, Nacra 17 and Flying Fifteen!

Features include:

  • Made of roll wrapped carbon fibre and consequently incredibly light and strong!

  • Available in 13 colours (including black)!

  • All are 22mm outer diameter.

  • Any length up to a maximum 2500mm / 2.5 metres long (tube length).

  • A unique grip finish that will not shred your hands, gloves, or dinghy(!), which starts from approximately 20cm from the universal joint ("UJ") all the way to the end. Our grip finish will not peel or fray like many.

  • A shaped silicone rubber end cap which is carefully glued on.

  • An insert which fits the vast majority of UJs.

  • Now supplied with our unique, easy and quick to release, low profile, lightweight, rope core, 32mm hole centre to hole centre Pop_Off_UJ®, held in place by a stainless steel torx screw, in case you ever need to replace it or fit an alternative. Our Pop_Off_UJ® is supplied with a base but is compatible with some other makes so you may be able to use it immediately! (If in doubt just ask us.)

  • Alternative UJs can be supplied if required.

  • ​ILCA / Laser, Topper (and many others) class legal.

  • Built to last!

Our tiller extensions are currently in use on a vast range of dinghies, keelboats and catamarans.

For example: 49er, Blaze, Comet, Devoti D-Zero, Finn, Flying Fifteen, Hadron H2, ILCA / Laser, International Moth, K1, Merlin Rocket, Mirror, Musto Skiff, National 12, OK, RS100, RS200, RS400, RS600, RS Aero, RS Feva, Scorpion, Solo, Streaker and Topper. These are just the ones we are aware of!

If you have any questions at all please Contact Us.

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