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The list below shows the popular tiller extension lengths for various classes of sailing dinghies.

If you do not see your class of dinghy listed below or need a different length please let us know. We will also add to this list.


NB:: Please note that:

  1. In general these are tube lengths so do not include the length of the universal joint (UJ) or depth of the end cap.

  2. Most classes do not specify an exact or maximum length of the tiller extension so they are just a guide and will vary from one dinghy of a specific class to another of the same class, depending on the helm's preference. If in doubt please check the class rules for your specific dinghy.

​29er: 1250mm (tube length).

49er: 2500mm (tube length).

49erFX: 2500mm (tube length).

420: 1000mm (overall including UJ).

470: 1100mm (overall including UJ).

B14: 2200mm (tube length).

Comet: 915mm (tube length).

Contender: 2200mm (tube length).

D-Zero: 1250mm (tube length).

Europe: 1100mm (overall including UJ).

Finn: 1200mm (tube length).

Flying Fifteen: 1100mm (tube length).

Hadron H2: 1200mm (tube length).

ILCA / Laser: 1250mm (tube length).

International 14: 2200mm (tube length).

International Moth (Foiling): 1400mm (tube length).

K1: 1200mm (tube length).

Laser 2000 / RS 2000: 1100mm (tube length).

Merlin Rocket: 1250mm (tube length).

Mirror: 700mm (tube length).

Musto Skiff: 2500mm (tube length).

OK: 1100mm (tube length).

Phantom: 1250mm (tube length).

RS Aero: 1100mm (tube length).

RS Feva: 1000mm (overall including UJ).

RS Vareo: 1200mm (tube length).

RS100: 1300mm (tube length).

RS200: 1100mm (tube length).

RS300: 1300mm (tube length).

RS400: 1200mm (tube length).

RS500: 1100mm (tube length).

RS600: 2300mm (tube length).

RS700: 2300mm (tube length).

RS800: 2300mm (tube length).

Scorpion: 1050mm (tube length).

Solo: 1100mm (tube length).

Streaker: 1100mm (tube length).

Topper: 975mm maximum overall length including UJ and end cap.
VX One: 1250mm (tube length).

PLEASE NOTE: These are only for guidance so please check your class rules and personal preference!

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