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Tiller Extension UJ Options

Tiller Extension UJ Options

All of our Tiller Extensions come as standard with our easy and quick to release, low profile, rope core, Pop_Off_UJ® with 32mm hole centre to hole centre base. It is also compatible with some other well known UJ bases, so there is a chance (especially if you are an ILCA / Laser owner) that you will not even fit our UJ base (included) before you can use your new Tiller Extension! (If in doubt please contact us for details.)

However, we appreciate that there are lots of UJs made and you may wish to use an alternative.


This product enables you to choose a different UJ if you need something different to the standard one we supply.

PLEASE NOTE that the price shown is the price DIFFERENCE when purchased WITH any of our Tiller Extensions and NOT the price if you just wish to purchase the chosen UJ! You cannot purchase this item WITHOUT one of our Tiller Extensions.

If you need a UJ that is not in the list here, please contact us and we will do our best to source whatever you require.

    PriceFrom £4.20
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