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CFbyLandL Carbon Flying Fifteen Tiller in Blue and Black Image 1

Carbon Fibre Tiller (Complete) - Flying Fifteen

NEW! A complete carbon fibre Tiller for Flying Fifteen keelboats with the tiller / rudder hood fitted.

This is our own 35mm diameter tube WITH a P&B / Ovington carbon fibre Flying Fifteen Tiller / Rudder Hood fitted by us.


This product is made to order so please allow approximately 4-5 weeks.


Super lightweight, incredibly strong as you'd expect from carbon fibre, and available now in 4 sparkling colours!

This is made so that the nuts at the of bolts holding your tiller extension UJ base are hidden inside the tube. However, we have also made it so that the end cap can be removed and you can undo the bolts if you ever need to change your UJ base.

Please note that the tube will come pre-drilled (32mm hole centre to hole centre) so you can bolt on your UJ base and then pop on the provided end cap. If you need holes with a different spacing please see the options when purchasing. 


For a small additional cost we can also fit one of our own Pop_Off_UJs (also an option when purchasing) so the UJ base will be fitted on a saddle and bolted in place. All you will need to do then is fit the UJ to your tiller extension and you're ready to go!


If you have any questions please let us know.

    PriceFrom £336.00
    Many of our items are made to order, so please Pre-order. The lead time is approximately 4-5 weeks.
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