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Insert for 22mm OD Tiller Extension

Insert for 22mm OD Tiller Extension


Need a replacement insert for your tiller extension?

These are made by us and a very snug fit so there will be no wobble between UJ, insert and tiller extension.

PLEASE NOTE: As they are a snug fit, when inserting your UJ we reccommend either freezing the UJ first or adding a small amount of olive oil or washing up liquid to the UJ before pushing it into the Insert. Then slide the UJ complete with Insert carefully into the Tiller Extension. 

Dimensions are:

Outer Diameter = 18.6mm

Inner Diameter = 13mm

Length = approximately 35mm.


Made from a hard plastic / nylon, and lacquered at one end (for the end of the insert which will be visible, closest to your UJ).


These fit our 22mm diameter tiller extensions and are ready to be used. We prefer using a screw to hold the insert and UJ in place but please note they do not come pre-drilled so whichever method you prefer e.g. glue, pin, or screw.


If you are going to drill:

1. Place masking tape over the Tiller Extension and mark where the hole will be (ours are around 17mm from the end of the tube nearest the UJ).

2. Start with a pilot hole (we go for 1.5mm) and then

3. A slightly larger hole slightly but less than the screw you will be using (we drill a 3mm hole and use an M3.5 Torx Screw).

If in doubt, please contact us and we can help!

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