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CFbyLandL Pop_OFF_UJ rope core universal joint - 4 colours

Pop_Off_UJ® Rope Core Universal Joint

Our BRAND NEW Tiller Extension Universal Joint (UJ) design is now in production and we have stock available and at an introductory price!


We gave ourselves the design challenge to create a UJ that made it quick and easy to remove your tiller extension when you're not sailing (and therefore ease storage and prolong the life of the UJ), but it still had to be lightweight when compared to a 'normal' UJ, not bulky like some others on the market, and have a base with the most common 32mm hole centre to hole centre. Also to have a rope core. This is it! Our unique Pop_Off_UJ®.

Oh...and as you know we like to add some colour, so you can choose from 5 colours of dyneema!


This UJ has the following features:

  • A unique 'Pop_Off' release mechanism - firmly holds in place when in use but allows your tiller extension to be removed from your tiller easily in a few seconds at most!
  • 32mm between the hole centres of the base.
  • Rope core.
  • The central piece is compatible with many UJ bases already on most ILCA / Laser and many other dinghies.
  • Fits 13mm internal diameter tiller extension inserts (we sell inserts separately if required). 


Fully tested (not just in a 'lab' under simulated conditions, but on real sailing dinghies), this UJ offers a great combination of features as well as our unique 'Pop_Off' release feature!


Further details if you're not already convinced...:

  • Our unique Pop_Off_UJ® mechanism prolongs the life of the UJ so you can quickly remove your extension and don't keep it connected to your tiller and the UJ bent over when not in use! Uses strong dyneema, easily usable with wet / cold / gloved fingers.
  • Rope core so IF it should ever fail you should not lose your tiller extension over the side!
  • 32mm between hole centres of the base mean it is the same as the vast majority of tiller extension UJ bases already out there = no need to drill new holes in your tiller!
  • Central element is compatible with many UJ bases already on numerous sailing dinghies, so you may not need to change your existing UJ base for the one provided with our UJ. 
    Dyneema colour
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